New traditional houses opened

New traditional houses opened
There are 3 houses that I really want to introduce you. I think you can enjoy a travel like a local people. You can know about the Japanese culture more deeply.


Mibudera temple is very famous for Shinsengumi. There is a carved flower shape on the door. You can see fantastic door at night.


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Go to the east from Higashiyama. You can easily find our house, because this is located along main Street called Sanjyo street. You can see weaving machine through big window is the sign of this house. You can relax with bath tab.  This house is easy to access. It takes about 5 mins from Kyoto station to the nearest station. You can use JR line, subway line, and Keihan line. JR line is very convenient when you go to Osaka, and if you want to travel around Kyoto, subway line will be the best transportation. 

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There are Higashihonganji-temple, Nishihonganji-temple, and Mibudera near the house. And there are many places that you can learn history of Kyoto. This house is newest house right now, so there is not so much review about this house. But we promise you that you can enjoy a trip with  this house. 

You can e-mail me if you have any question about this house or book.